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ILEARN The Grinch Hour of CODE


 Renaissance Place Schoology Front Row 
 Education City  Study Island enVisionMath2.0
xtramath  Renaissance Home Connect 
Hour of Code  
 Exact Path  AR Bookfinder Destiny Discover  
 Prodigy NWEA Screen Reader Practice  Readworks  

Typing Practice:  KidzType  abc ya paint for KDG
Kindergarten & 1st Grade  Long and Short Vowels ZOO
  Reading Eggs     
           Sheppardsoftware                 ABCYA  
 Mouse Cookie Books  Crawford the Cat  Enchanted Learning  
 Highlight Kids Fun School  Think Central   
 PBS Kids PBS Kids Lions
 Number Twins  
2nd Grade      
 Bed Time Math      
 Ben's Guide      
 Math Playground
 NASA Kids'Club
 Spelling City      
3rd Grade      
 Destination Modern Art    
 Education City       
 Enchanted Learning      
 Renaissance Place      
 Study Island      
 The Art Zone      
4th Grade      
 Cause and Effect #1      
 Cool Math Games      
 Famous Hoosier Project      
 Famous Hoosier Research      
 List of People from Indiana      
 Math Fun Brain      
 Math Ruler Game      
 Mr. Nussbaum      
 PBS Kids      
 Sheppards Software      
 Spelling City-Mrs. Cline      
 Spelling City-Mrs. Povlinski      
5th Grade      
 50 States      
 A Plus Math      
 Ask for Kids      
 Ben's Guide      
 Class Brain      
 Cool Math      
 Cool Math for Kids      
 Fact Monster      
 Mean, Median, and Mode      
 Place Value Pirates      
 Spelling City-Miss Devries      
 Spelling City-Mr. Martinez      
 Spelling City-Mrs. Schulz    
 Sheppards Software      
 Story Problems      
 DSO Kids      
 Fort McHenry      
 New York Philharmonic Kidzone      
 PBS Kids-Music      
 San Francisco Symphony Kids'      
 The Nutcracker      
 Ukes History      
 Woodwind Brasswind      
 Kids Zone      
 Teacher Websites
Mrs. Coros
Mrs. Falk      
Miss Greer      
Mrs. Schulz